In 1994, Our family opened up our first restaurant in a small shopping center in El Sobrante, We
built up the business from nothing by offering fresh ingredients and tasty foods in the area.

In 2001, we opened up our second restaurant in Lafayette. We took over a failing Chinese restaurant
and we turned it into a busy place by offering fresh and quality ingredients.

In October, 2006, we took the opportunity to serve our same fresh, quality and tasty foods in Walnut
Creek.  We provide a warm atmosphere along with excellent service in our airy and modern dining room.

We  opened our newest  restaurant in Alamo, CA in March, 2010.
Sold on December, 2014

We are specialized in spicy foods. If you like to eat spicy foods, you have to try our Mongolian Beef
which we make a special sauce for it from scratch.

Our best sellers from all our locations are: Mongolian Beef, General Chicken, Honey Walnut
Prawns, Spicy Orange Flavored Chicken,  Mu Shu Pork, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Pot Sticker
which we home made and cook fresh when you order them, Singapore Noodles.

Please come in and enjoy the best Chinese food in our airy and modern dining room.